Are we so busy providing that we don't get provided for?

Get on a plane anywhere in the world, and the first instructions you'll hear are "In the event of an emergency, before helping others, put your own mask on first." 

FACT: Most dads neglect themselves. This is natural for us. We're always putting our families first, but in order to the be the man our familes need, we MUST care of ourselves so that you can have the focus, energy and time to be the father your son deserves. 

We can't give our sons what we don't have. If we want to give our sons love, we must possess love. Energy, we must possess energy. Time, we must have time. 

In this module you'll learn: 

  • The most important quote to understand how Dads end up stressed out, burned out and fatigued. 
  • All progress for you and your son starts with ___ _______. 
  • The 2 things that are on every Dads mind, but nobody ever wants to talk about. Just understanding this will relieve a boatload of stress 
  • A Dad who is _________, ________, ________, _______ will never raise a healthy, focused, energetic and mature man. 
  • The 6 letters every Baseball Dad must know. 
  • Did your parents do a number on you? :) Maybe. Either way, you 'll never look at the patterns of the adults that came before us the same way again. 
  • The single question test that reveals the blueprint for the happy, peaceful and successful family that every Dad wants. 
  • The only thing that you should ever measure with yourself and your son.  
  • The 5 quick shifts that you should make this week that will shift the focus of your family.  
  • SLEEP: The simple "Go to sleep fast and wake up refreshed" system that guarantees a Dad gets the best night sleep he's ever had.  


Every Dad has a big story for their son's life!

What kind of man, husband, father, and leader do you want your son to be? We have very little time to put our values on our son. It's crucial never miss or waste a minute. 

In this module you'll learn:  

  • The single most important number that every Dad must stay laser-focused on. This erases confusion about what a Dad should do in any situation.  
  • How to set what's important to your family and get your them on board so that everyone is pushing in the same direction and committed to the same mission  
  • BIG ONE: The UF - OF - OF Formula that can create an unstoppable plan for continued growth OR be the number one cause of your son (and you) not reaching his potential  
  • Setting a standard of excellence for your son and how to track it, so he's never distracted by the wrong things and never gets misxed up with the wrong crowd.  
  • A simple formula for instantly understanding what your son is focusing on based on his emotions. This eliminates emotional moments for your son (and you won't get caught up in heated arguments)  
  • How to be a "Hall Of Fame" Dad. HINT: The next step is always the same  
  • How to create a set of habits that will install new capabilities in your son every 30, 60 and 90 days so that his growth is constant and continuous.  



The times are slipping into the future. 

Our sons are facing a moving future, and understanding children today is harder than any other time in history. 

This module helps you understand your son's emotional state, how he feels about himself, what he's thinking moment to moment and what's most important to him.  

In this module, you'll learn: 

  • The one seed that is planted in your son that you must "water."  
  • Exact scripts and dialogues to use with your son, this way you're never searching for the right words (or worse, saying the wrong things)
  • The Michael Jordan decision - The one choice MJ made that put him at the top of the list of all-time great athletes and the best part is that your son can make the same decision.  
  • Casting your son in the right role. Missing this can cost years of delay in development.  
  • The 2-minute exercise every baseball dad should do with his son that will make a huge difference in his playing ability almost instantly 
  • The 33 questions every father MUST ask his son that no other father will ever bother to ask.  
  • How I landed my job with Yogi Berra. Best part is your son can duplicate the exact process. Nobody ever likes this answer, but you will :) 


Do you know the different kinds of time a father must spend with his son?

In this module, you'll learn: 

  • When to have father / son bonding time, so that you strengthen your relationship and not break it down.
  • When to have father / son fun time (it's different than bonding). 
  • When a father needs to back off and give his son space. Today's kids need more time to process things than we did. Knowing this will save you a lot of guesswork. 
  • When a father needs to move in and spend more time with his son, I'll show you the exact warning signs to look for, so you're never late to this
  • The 3-hour event you and your son must schedule at least once a month and he'll even start helping with the planning. 
  • How your son measures the time you spend with him, and it's NOT the amount of time. 
  • What to do when you don't have a lot of time to spend with your son, once you know this, you'll understand how to make the most of it. 
  • How much time should you spend away from sports? If our son is serious about playing at higher levels this is an absolute MUST. 

Will your son suffer in silence?

Men of all ages do this. Our instinct is to try and figure stuff out before anyone realizes there's something wrong. 

Keeping the lines of communication open with your son has never been more crucial. 

In this module, you'll learn: 

  • What every word means to your son, this one usually shocks dads (even Dads who think they've said the right things) 
  • What a father and son must base all conversations around, especially the tough, heated, and emotional conversations. 
  • Exactly what to say to our sons before, during and after anything they do. (Most Dads mess this one up) 
  • How to break a negative emotional pattern in your son. It takes less than15 minutes flat to turn it around.
  • The 4 things every Dad should say to his son after every baseball game they play. 
  • How to transform negative words (most of them we don't realize we use) into positive phrases that will movtivate and energize our sons
  • The 3 letter plan used by one of the worlds top CEO's that you should use with your son and family. This is so simple, yet the biggest game changer. 
  • What a Dad MUST be saying to his son every morning that will connect him back to his highest values. 
  • EVERY NIGHT: What a Dad should say to his son before his head hits the pillow 
  • Why you should NEVER call your son a good boy and what you should be calling him instead. 

Putting it all together 

How do you make this all work? How do you take the mission, the plan, the language, the time, and put it all into a system that's going to help your son develop into a great man, husband, father, and leader? 

In this module, you'll learn: 

  • Why "How to" could be the two worst words your son ever hears
  • Understanding where success comes from and how the highest achievers in the world rely on this formula that nobody seems to adopt
  • The greatest lesson your son could ever learn from the Super Bowl and how it's the secret behind any long-term successful man
  • The one concept that Walt Disney and Steve Jobs understood that propelled them to success when a lot of their peers quit.  
  • Ted Williams simple hitting formula and how your son can copy this into any area of life.  
  • How to take any mistake your son makes and turn it into a victory by asking just 6 simple questions (We'll give you the questions) 
  • How to teach your son the right way to ask for help, this way he never feels like he has to go it alone.  
  • A father should NEVER walk by his son without doing this. It will make a lasting long-term difference. 
  • How your son can form a team around him that will support him in his dreams and goals. 
  • How to know if someone in your son's circle of friends is going to be a bad fit and how to gracefully separate from that person.  

Lifetime Access: Just $99

Guardian Course FAQ: 

Q: How long is the course?

A: A new module is posted every week for 6 weeks. You can follow along each week or you can go at your own pace. Some people like to binge watch a few at a time. It's totally up to you.  


Q: Is this good if you have older kids?

A: Yes. Dads have used this system with sons ages 5-25. 

Q: Is this good for younger kids? 

A: A: Yes. Dads have used this system with sons ages 5-25.